Ciara Dishes Details On New Video

Singer calls it her best video to date.

Just a few weeks back, there was some confusion regarding what Ciara was going to choose as her next Jackie single. But, don’t fret, C Squad, we now have your answer and it looks like the entertainer has chosen “Dance Like We’re Making Love” as the next release off the LP.

In a conversation with That Grape Juice, Cici revealed that she has completed work on the multi-day video shoot for the cut with director David Meyers, who also happened to work with her back in 2005 on her “Lose Control” collaboration with Missy Elliot. Even though she didn’t really drop any major concept details, it appears as if the singer really brought the lyrics to life in the video, describing the clip as “dance-gasmic.”

I just wanted to really really get lost in the song. When I’m performing this song and singing it, I feel very confident. I also feel a sensual side…The video really helps me to tell you my exact vision for the record.

It’s certainly not our first choice as the next Jackie single, considering how much we think Ciara needs an uptempo track for the summer time vibes, but we can only hope that she’ll select “That’s How I’m Feelin'” as the next single in line.

Watch Ciara dish all the goods on the “Dance Like We’re Making Love” music video and more below!

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