Ciara Debuts Collaboration With R3Hab at Coachella

April 19, 2015 By Aaron

Check out “Get Up”.


The seemingly never-ending Coachella festival continues with a guest performance from Ciara.

Ciara took to the Coachella stage with DJ R3Hab to premiere a remix of current single “I Bet” and new track “Get Up” on Friday night.

It’s easy to think of Ciara as an artist who can only convincingly pull-off an R&B or hip-hop sound, perhaps because that’s what we’re used to hearing from the “Goodies” star, but “Get Up” is a stark reminder that CiCi can rock an EDM track with the best of them.

The song is an invitation to the dance floor with Ciara begging her potential partner to get up and dance with her because “this feeling’s not enough”. For a number so steeped in electronica and house, it’s also surprisingly melodic with a catchy hook and some of Ci’s signature warmth. Ciara’s a more adept vocalist than people typically give her credit for, as proven by her strong promotional performances for ‘Jackie’ lead single “I Bet”, and she didn’t let anyone in the Coachella crowd forget that this weekend. As well as bouncing around the stage, the urban princess held her own vocally.

Speaking of current single “I Bet”, the duo debuted a snippet of their version of the slow-jam which you can hear at the beginning of the video clip and the remix is set to be a bonus track on her forthcoming album.

“Get Up”, on the other hand, is slated to be serviced as R3Hab’s single, set to drop in the next month.

‘Jackie’ is shaping up to be an exciting era musically for Ciara but she’s having trouble making “I Bet” stick commercially and it seems to have reached a peak of 43 on the Hot 100. A remix from R3Hab might be what the song needs to give it a push up the charts, so here’s hoping that it gets serviced to radio and the clubs sooner rather than later.

What do you think of “Get Up”?