Ciara’s releasing a star-studded “I Bet” remix.

Ciara Adds Joe Jonas & T.I. To "I Bet"

Ciara enlists the help of Joe Jonas and T.I. for a remix of her recent single “I Bet.”

When Ciara’s not ripping off Usher’s “U Got It Bad,” she’s re-working a song to storm the dance floor with some help from Joe Jonas (wait, what) and single collaborator extraordinaire T.I.

Props to Ciara for breathing life into the mid-tempo jammer (no release date available yet), but hoping the song will climb the charts because of the new features is a tall order. The original has an interesting take on its own, so giving it the bass-bumping remix treatment with a new rap verse and added vocals from a Jonas Brother seems a desperate attempt to land a Top 10 hit.

Cici’s not only collaborating with the two mentioned above for her new album “Jackie,” but also Dr. Luke, Polow da Don, Rock City, Ester Dean and Diane Warren, according to Billboard.

Interested in hearing her collabo? She’ll probably take it on the road to support her 18-date tour starting May 3.

I wonder if Iggy Azalea was too busy to hop on it instead?