Church Slams Britney

October 24, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Celebrities like David Beckham and Britney Spears have given the Roman Catholic Church a new cause to worry, they have trivialised rosary beeds and turned them into the latest fashion fad in London.

After the English soccer captain sported four Rosary necklaces on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine and Britney was photographed wearing white rosary in London, Christian bookshops and other suppliers have now revealed that all youngsters have been asking for rosary and it is selling like never before, reports the Sun.

The church has now gone into damage control mode by issuing a pamphlet explaining how to pray with rosary at the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. The pamphlets are handed out with every rosary that is sold.

Traditional rosaries consist of five sets of beads, each set comprising one large bead representing the Lord’s Prayer, and 10 smaller ones representing the Hail Mary.

“We have sold more than 100 rosary beads in the past six weeks. We normally sell about three dozen in April and May, but during the summer, they have been selling like hot cakes and the children keep asking me to order more,” the report quoted a Christian bookshop owner as saying.

“I think it’s a bid sad if people wear rosary beads and don’t understand what they mean. But it’s an opportunity for Christians to explain to people what they are all about. I make the youngsters earn their rosaries by learning Our Father and I tell them they are prayer beads and not fashion items,” added another shop owner. thanks affiliate