Sayers from Girlicious premieres a solo song.

Chrystina Sayers Lights Up With "Feel Lit": BreatheHeavy Exclusive

Chrystina Sayers found a voice outside the Girlicious group, and it’s fire!

The 28-year-old is pursuing ventures as a solo artist, and does so with the premiere of her new song “Feel Lit.”

“We wanted a club record that felt good and I really wanted to dive in from my experience,” Sayers tells “Being out with my girls and all the events that happen when we have a good night, guys chasing us, busying us drinks which some get curved & some get the numbers but at the end of the night, its about the girls having the best night of their lives. So whatever your vice is on how you get lit and have good time, is what ‘ Feel Lit ‘ is all about.”

Sayers had a hand in co-writing the song alongside Kareem James and David Asante with production from Jordan Lewis and Kareem, and that creative freedom means everything.

“Being outside of girlicious, its all about me now,” Sayers continues. “I don’t have to share my opinions, songs or even the stage anymore. It’s really all about me and its the most liberating feeling to be able to express my self whole heartedly through my own words and my own vision. It’s very very empowering to be hands on with my project and being with a team that I trust. We all see the same vision thats being brought to life. No shade No shade.”

She adds, “I want people to feel good and as soon as they hear ‘Feel It’ I want them to twirl, twerk, pop that and say ‘this my song.’”

Listen here: