The lawsuit claiming Kevin’s brother is the father of Sean Preston is a hoax, according to The Smoking Gun.

Convicted felon Jonathan Lee Riches, who was busted late last week and booked into the Chester County jail after claiming he was gunman Adam Lanza’s uncle, is behind the false allegations.

He accused Britney stole Christopher Federline was the father of her first son and used his credit card for $4500 in comics. broke the “exclusive” story, even citing inside sources for their false information.

“The ‘Federline’ lawsuit, filed December 18 in Tampa, Florida, was dismissed two days later by Judge Steven Merryday, who cited three prior 2012 cases in his order. Two of those cases were filed by “Gino Romano” and named various members of the Kardashian family as defendants.”

Riches also invented posed as the father of actress Selena Gomez. He filed an October 2012 federal complaint accusing Justin Bieber of stealing his credit card and using it to pay for a “***** enlargement.”

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