Christina Talks About Britney In Elle Magazine

Christina Aguilera is featured in this months issue of Elle magazine. She even talks about Britney and says some sweet things. I typed this out myself:

Of course, her old friend Britney arrived around the same time, thus marking the start of a classic pop feud, which is still rumbling on to this day, if the papers are to be believed. Except they’re not, insists Christina. “Britney and I laugh about it,” she says. A couple of years back, when the supposed bitching reached an apex, Christina wrote a letter to Britney. “It said: We’ve got to stick together. People will always pit us against each other but we have to stay strong and remember our background.” Recently a US newspaper reported that Christina said Britney had ‘let herself go’ while pregnant. “It’s sick,” sighs Christina. “It’s lies.” But I have to look at the positive, not the negative. I’m making my record, she’s being a mom – we’re both in great places. We’re really happy for each other. Although not best friends (neither attended each other’s wedding), they are still in touch. Christina sent a basket of baby goodies to Britney after she gave birth to son Sean Preston while Britney bought Christina a wedding gift of champagne glasses and a crystal vase.

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