Milian doesn’t really care if you don’t understand why there’s so much wind.

Christina Milian's "Rebel" Music Video

Christina Milian’s “Rebel” music video will blow you away.

Milian’s Rich Laru-directed video treatment shows the “Dip It Low” singer longingly gazing into the camera while avoiding gail winds that blow a parachute about. It’s a cool concept for the auto-tune basked slow-jam, but it appears more of a “Young Money” visual than anything Milian would conceptualize. As long as she knows what’s up, there’s nothing left to discuss.

“It’s just about a real situation,” Milian said of the song. “It’s just about chemistry with someone and not really caring what anyone has to say.”

The video provides no narrative or storyline, not that it’s a must, but four and a half minutes of glamour shots watching Milian walking in slow motion while a parachute balloons behind her gets a bit tiresome. It’s pretty though.

Watch the “Rebel” video below:

“Rebel” is the first single from Milian’s upcoming record. Shortly after its release, she debuted two separate music videos for the second single, “We Ain’t Worried.”

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