Christina Milian Releases Second Video For "We Ain't Worried"

One low budget music video for Christina Milian’s “We Ain’t Worried” wasn’t enough, so she decided to film one more.

Earlier this month, Milian released her initial video for the follow-up to her lead single, “Rebel,” where she bopped along the beaches of Santa Monica with a GoPro. She wasn’t satisfied and filmed another video for the same song, this time in the comfort of her home.

Here’s the first then second music video for the same song:

I completely respect artists who don’t have the budget they’d like and make the best of it, but Milian has enough knowledge of the industry to know students at the Art Institute are probably filming something similar.

And that “pretty on fleek” shade towards Nicki Minaj? No girl. No.

Rocking a high pony tail braid in both though.