A new song by Christina Aguilera titled “Fall In Line” has surfaced.

A new song by Christina Aguilera titled “Fall In Line” has surfaced.

Xtina’s new tunes are spilling onto the Internet ahead of schedule. A day after a clip titled “*********” appeared online, a new track called “Fall In Line” mysteriously hit the net in its entirety as well.

On it, Christina shows off her powerhouse vocals as she sings about being her best self in order to inspire young women to embrace who they are.


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“Little girls listen closely cause no one told me but you deserve to know,” she sings over a mid-tempo beat and cinematic production that features clanking chains and mumbled growls. “That in this world you are not beholding / You do not owe them / Your body is yours. /¬†All the youth in the world will not save you from growing older and all the truth in the girl is too precious to be stolen from her.”

No word whether “Fall In Line” is Christina’s lead single, a track left on the cutting room floor on a song meant for the forthcoming album, but nonetheless it’s out and it’s definitely her, and it’s quite impressive.

Unfortunately, I cannot link you to it, but a quick search for it on social media will probably result in something.

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