Christina Aguilera's New Music Described As "Caviar Ratchet"

Xtina’s new musical era is shaping up to be the best thing you’ve never heard.

When we heard this interview from Da Internz describing Christina Aguilera’s new sound as “caviar ratchet,” we instantly thought of porcelain hot dogs, gold-laced Play-Doh and Poopourri because it’s the best set of adjectives to describe anything since ever.

“Best way I could describe it is gourmet ratchet. It’s Upper Echelon music with ratchet hood drums. Caviar ratchet* We’re serving it on gold platters. 14K. You wanna now what Christina’s music sounds like? 14K, caviar, ratchet, serving with three finger tips.”

I’m used to Xtina serving with two fingers, so this is VERY exciting!

Fans will be asked to wear a tuxedo before hearing her new ish, and we accept the request.

Check out the interview here:

What’s that smell? Nope. It’s caviar, *****!