While Christina Aguilera wears brunette wigs on Nashville, she readies her next studio album for a summer release.

Word on the street Xtina’s new caviar ratchet record drops this summer.

We haven’t enjoyed a new Christina album since 2012’s “Lotus,” but in just a few short months, the “Dirrty” singing, Mickey Mouse beating, Britney impersonating, record breaking diva will unleash her urban-sounding music with us.

We don’t know much about her new work – except she has a couple productions by Pharrell Williams as well as what what Da Internz detailed:

“Best way I could describe it is gourmet ratchet. It’s Upper Echelon music with ratchet hood drums. Caviar ratchet* We’re serving it on gold platters. 14K. You wanna now what Christina’s music sounds like? 14K, caviar, ratchet, serving with three finger tips.”

No idea what that means, but my body is ready.

Are you ready for Christina’s new album out this summer?!

PS – Here’s Xtina flawlessly singing “Impossible” on The Voice last night: