Christina Aguilera’s New Album “Blonde” Will Reportedly Be Released In January

September 26, 2016 By Ross

Please SAY! it’s true.


Rise up, Xtina, rise up. This is the return.

As we know, the legendary Christina Aguilera has taken her time to record her next album – which will be her eighth overall – over the last few years, but the wait may be over very soon.

Earlier today an ‘exclusive’ tweet reported that the LP, tentatively titled “Blonde”, is currently scheduled for a January 2017 release. First Frank, now Ms. Aguilera.

The songstress has traditionally committed to a hairstyle or look with each past era, so it wouldn’t be surprising if this is the reason she’s recently went Back To Blonde.

Just this week she shared a new platinum blonde look on Instagram after her short-lived time as a redhead, with the caption “Blondes really do have more fun ?”.

While Twitter rumours aren’t always the most reliable, the entertainment journalist claims to have discovered the news from a credible source. Plus, any whispers about the “Candyman” singer’s comeback is exciting at this point.

Put the stan wars and shade aside, Christina remains one of the biggest talents in the music industry today and has been unfairly discredited for the best part of this past decade. Her diva attitude graits on people, “Lotus” was not a good album and her personal life overshadowed her music for a while, but we applaud Mariah’s ego and forget about “Britney Jean”, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t give Xtina another chance.

“Stripped” and “Back To Basics” were two of the best albums and well-executed eras in pop in recent memory, and I would love for her to find the magic again to have another moment.

We’re rooting for you, Christina.

Let’s just hope Laura isn’t lying to us…

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