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Christina Aguilera Contemplates The Meaning Of Life On New ‘Liberation’ Ballad “Twice”: Listen

Christina Aguilera opens up on new song “Twice.”


Christina Aguilera opens up on new song “Twice.”

Christina kicked off the Liberation era with a radio-friendly, pop x hip-hop-flavored song titled “Accelerate,” featuring 2 Chainz and Ty Dolla $ign. It didn’t connect to the masses the way her lead single should have, so the singer is switching things up.


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For this next release, Xtina dives into herself. The song is titled “Twice,” a soul searching ballad that finds the pop star reflecting on a love that nearly destroyed her.

“Sometimes I wonder what is the meaning of this life,” she sings in the intro a cappella-style. “I found the price of love and lost my mind / I will forgive them all of my wrongs and my rights / I’d do it all again and won’t think twice.”

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When the piano melody settles in, Christina croons a couple of crucial questions:

“Are you devil? Are you angel? / Am I heaven? Am I hell? I can barely find the proof to save myself,” she sings. “Are you water? Are you fire? / Are you filthy? Are you pure? / Oh, I thought by now I’d know / But I’m not sure.” 

I’m crying.


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There’s real emotion in “Twice,” and I get that her big comeback song needed to be something upbeat, but this is the side of Christina Fighters want to get to know.

Stream below:


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