Is Xtina continuing her Las Vegas residency after the next leg wraps in October?

A rumor that Christina Aguilera will not extend her show, The Xperience, inside Planet Hollywood, took stan culture by storm over the weekend.

An unverified  account on Facebook claimed The Xperience will conclude on October 5th, the last scheduled date. At the moment, the pop star has not yet announced any more dates beyond the Sep. 20 – Oct. 5th shows. It’s worth mentioning this same account reported that Christina’s promo on the side of Planet Hollywood was currently being replaced with an ad for Criss Angel’s magic show, which is untrue. They later retracted their claims about the cancellation, however the speculation brought up a valid question: will Christina add more dates to The Xperience? Or will it wrap in October?

The news of Legend X’s show potentially coming to a close sparked a numbers debate. The claim is that ticket sales hit a slump, which is why the show will not be renewed. The Xperience‘s first leg reached 78% capacity and generated $3,978,466. To put things into perspective, Gwen Stefani’s show, Just A Girl, reached 84% capacity in its first leg with $5,552,746 in sales (keep in mind Gwen had four additional shows in her first trek). Jennifer Lopez’s All I Have residency was at 100% capacity in its opening leg with $8,831,592. Ditto for Britney Spears, who locked in nearly $3 million in just four shows (her second leg was also sold-out). All four women perform/performed inside the same venue.

Naturally, stan wars ensued claiming Xtina can’t hold her own in Sin City. However, Xtina’s short stint was likely planned from the start.

“I’m not gonna rule anything out,” the pop star said said in May 2018 when asked if she’d ever consider a Vegas residency. “I’m a very spontaneous person. It would really have to make sense. I’d have to do it completely different in my way.”

She added: “I’ve never been a Vegas-y kind of girl. I like to hit it and quit it. Get in and out. I need the comforts of home.”

The Xperience returns Sep. 20th through Oct. 5th. In November, X is scheduled to perform in the UK from Nov 5th through the 14th.

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