Christina Aguilera talked Britney on radio station B27 FM on Monday.

The interviewer asked Christina about her thoughts on 2010 Britney.

DJ: “If you go back to 2001, when you were emerging on the scene along with Britney and Jessica Simpson… that if you had to look forward 10 years… that’d YOU be the one that had problems, and that Britney would have been the one that had settled down and had kids.

And it flipped.

Did you get that perception that people thought maybe you were more destined for that than for this idealic life that you’re leading now?

Christina Aguilera:


“Well, I don’t know who you’re talking about and I don’t want to offend anyone in turn. You know, we can’t look into the future, and I know that some of what I was doing was a little bit more… less safe as far as

I had no problems thing. I’m not really into playing a virgin, and I’m not really into doing this that or the other thing; I wanted to break out of my shell…”

You may hear the interview by clicking below (skip to 9:05 for the Britney part).

Well played, Xtina; kept it classy and mostly avoided the subject.

But, Britney fans are ready to get dirty anytime you feel the urge to slam our girl!

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