There’s actual proof that listening to Xtina will literally cure your sadness.

Allow Christina Aguilera’s music to turn that frown upside down. A new study conducted by the British Academy of Sound Therapy (Bast) and music streaming platform Deezer found that people who use music to help process emotion are overall happier people.

There is now concrete evidence that music may be used for therapeutic purposes, so if your boss demands you stop listening to tunes during the workday, link him here.

According to the study, of the 7,500 people interviewed, 90% said they use music to help them relax and 82% listen to music to feel happy. 50% of them said it helped them deal with sadness, and 28% said it soothed their anger.

“Dedicating time each day to listen to music that triggers different emotions can have a hugely beneficial impact on our wellbeing,” said Bast founder Lyz Cooper. “Listening to happy songs increases blood flow to areas of the brain associated with reward, and decreases flow to the amygdala, the part of the brain associated with fear.”


They list a handful of musicians who were “found to be the favorite artists for listeners overcoming sadness,” and they include Elton John, Bon Jovi, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Queen, Whitney Houston, Leonard Cohen and drum roll please… Christina Aguilera.

“Music influences our lives and at Deezer we try to understand and embrace the relationship that people have with their favourite tunes,” says Frederic Anteime, vice president of content and productions at Deezer.

“Now we’ve been able to go even deeper into that relationship and see how people use music to manage different mental states. The results offer an idea for how music can be used to manage our emotional and mental health on a daily basis, especially when you have a wide library at your fingertips.”

Having a bad day? Play Xtina below, then let us know in the comments if she cures your sadness, too!

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  1. So looking at the artists that were mentioned, I think I kinda get it. There is something in their music especially Queen’s that gives me life. I’m a ******** pop girl but I do get it. Britney may be my number one but nothing gets me like ‘Not Myself Tonight’, ‘Fighter’, and ‘Come On Over Baby (All I Want is You). So I approve this message. 😂

  2. I completely get it. Christina Aguilera went from an A-LIST Star to completely under-rated. She’s always been an ally of equality, love and a beacon of strength.

    ‘Fighter’, ‘Soar’, ‘Beautiful’….. such powerful songs when I was a teen. I look At my 20’s and I can find a song of Christina’s that can tie to almost any emotionally turbulent change I’ve been through. It’s powerful when an artist can have a platform that connects to our emotions in such a way.

    Hell, I even appreciate Christina Aguilera’s more sexually charged music….. lord knows there were moments those bops made me feel empowered to experience new things 😬

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