Christina Aguilera might have plans to release a Spanish-language album in 2019.

Xtina promised she won’t take six years to release another album. In fact, the singer already confirmed another new album is in the works! We were under the impression it’d be a proper pop followup to Liberation, but it appears Legend X has other plans…

During her performance of “Desnudate” at The Xperience in Las Vegas, Christina told fans: “Let’s not forget: the Latin album is coming!” SHOOK.

It’s worth mentioning Christina is performing “Mi Reflejo” at The Xperience as well. Check out her performance of it here.

Christina started teasing the project last year.

A fan wished Xtina a happy birthday and said, “Waiting [for[ your Spanish album mama.”

Christina responded, “….soooooo exciiitiiing!!!!!”

For good measure, X sprinkled a couple emojis with the hand over its mouth. Like, ‘omg yes ***** it’s happening but I can’t really tell you anything more yet.’

Christina released her first Spanish album, Mi Reflejo, in 2000.

Of course I’d prefer a pop album in English, but a Spanish record sounds like a new challenge for our fav, and I’m here for Chrissy keeping the creative juices flowing.

Can you imagine if she busts out two albums this year though? I think we can all thank Ariana Grande for creating this kind of expectation.

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