Plus, watch Xtina talk new music on The Today Show!

Christina Aguilera Talks New Music On The Today Show, Returns To The Voice

Xtina will return to The Voice chair and once again show contestants how it’s really done.

After her third hiatus from the show, Christina Aguilera is returning as a coach on NBC’s The Voice for the show’s 10th season. This will be Xtina’s 6th season in the red chair, having been replaced by Shakira and Gwen Stefani in past seasons, when she took time off to focus on her growing family. The Grammy winner will be joined by perennial judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, and the show’s newest regular Pharrell Williams, when the new season airs in February. She has yet to coach a winning contestant, but here’s hoping the 6th time is a charm for the powerful belter!

A return to The Voice isn’t the only thing the mom of two has been working on. Christina stopped by The Today Show this morning (Oct. 7) and discussed her recent trip to Ecuador, as ambassador for the UN’s World Food Programme. She opened up about the experience, and what it means to her to be Latina. Being half-Ecuadorian, Christina feels a connection to Ecuador, saying of the South-American country: “These are my people! This is where I’m from.”

Xtina also broached the subject on everyone’s minds: new music. Fans have been impatiently awaiting new music from the pop star, with tracks on Finding Neverland and Nashville only tiding them over for so long. Rumors swirled earlier this year that she would be dropping an album as early as summer 2015, but obviously, that didn’t happen and we were starting to lose hope of ever hearing the “Caviar ratchet” album we were promised.

It seems that Christina is taking her time with this one. When asked about new music, the “Your Body” singer revealed: “I’ve been loosely working and sort of accumulating ideas for what my next album will be over the last couple of years.” The singer acknowledged that she’s been keeping her fans waiting, saying: “I’m excited for my fans to finally be getting something from me. It’s been a while!”

Watch the full interview here:

Thoughts? Will 2016 be the year of Xtina?