Christina Aguilera had to reschedule her Liberation Tour date in Ontario because she’s not feeling well.

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Before y’all berate me for posting this a day after the fact, I’d like to point out that we posted two Xtina stories yesterday and wanted to spread the Chrissy love out a bit. Unfortunately, I don’t bring good news.

Legend X is not 100% and can’t perform to the caliber we’re used to – she was advised by her doctors to rest her iconic voice.

She wrote fans a message explaining what’s up.

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“MY FIGHTERS, MY FRIENDS – it aches me to share that I am under the weather and have lost my voice today,” she wrote.

“Per doctor’s order, I need to rest tonight in order to get well asap – and will be unable to sing my heart out and perform for you at tonight’s show in Orillia, Ontario.”

X added: “I have kept you waiting so long and I look forward to each night on this tour. I promise to make tonight up to you with a new date very soon – until then I am sending love and gratitude for your support and I CANNOT WAIT to get back on the stage after this short rest.”

Xtina hasn’t toured like this in a decade, so it’s only natural her body is under a bit more pressure than usual. I wish she would have signed off with… “it’s impossible… for me to give you what you need.” Fighters know.

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