Get Well Soon! Christina Aguilera Postpones ‘Liberation’ Tour Date

October 12, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Christina Aguilera had to reschedule her Liberation Tour date in Ontario because she’s not feeling well.

Before y’all berate me for posting this a day after the fact, I’d like to point out that we posted two Xtina stories yesterday and wanted to spread the Chrissy love out a bit. Unfortunately, I don’t bring good news.

Legend X is not 100% and can’t perform to the caliber we’re used to – she was advised by her doctors to rest her iconic voice.

She wrote fans a message explaining what’s up.

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“MY FIGHTERS, MY FRIENDS – it aches me to share that I am under the weather and have lost my voice today,” she wrote.

“Per doctor’s order, I need to rest tonight in order to get well asap – and will be unable to sing my heart out and perform for you at tonight’s show in Orillia, Ontario.”

X added: “I have kept you waiting so long and I look forward to each night on this tour. I promise to make tonight up to you with a new date very soon – until then I am sending love and gratitude for your support and I CANNOT WAIT to get back on the stage after this short rest.”

Xtina hasn’t toured like this in a decade, so it’s only natural her body is under a bit more pressure than usual. I wish she would have signed off with… “it’s impossible… for me to give you what you need.” Fighters know.

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