Aguilera’s stellar performance of “Shotgun” outshines Rascal Flatts.

Christina Aguilera Performs With Rascal Flatts At The ACM's

Christina Aguilera performed with Rascal Flatts at the American Country Music Awards Sunday night.

Xtina and Rascal Flatts began the performance singing her new Nashville tune, “Shotgun,” before transitioning to the band’s hit “Riot,” from the “Rewind” album.

Bassist Jay DeMarcus told USA Today their performance is “a chance to redeem ourselves” after Singer Gary LeVox lost his voice before last year’s show and decided to lip sync instead.

That they did, with the help of one of music’s leading female vocalists.

“I really love the song. It speaks to long-lasting love, the roads it takes, the turns it makes and how it lasts forever,” she told People earlier this week. “When I perform it, I really think of that older couple who have been through it all and who have stood the test of time with the changes that their relationship goes through.”

Christina’s presence at the ACM’s is a welcome reminder a new album is in the works. Her recurring role on NBC’S The Voice kept the power house vocalist in the spotlight thanks to massive face time on a major television network, but it’s her stint on Nashville and this country-inspired performance that keeps her esteemed status in music. She belt out the notes in “Shotgun” with such tenacity, Rascal Flatts was out-shined when it was their turn to perform “Riot.”

Watch it below:

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