Christina Aguilera on Britneys Wedding

September 21, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Just when we thought aliens had somehow switched Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera’s personalities, comes word that Miss Dirrr-tay is back to her old tricks again…verbally anyways. According to, the former pop princess feud between Britney and Christina has reared it’s ugly head yet again, this time with Christina dishin’ up a saucer of milk all over Brit’s impromptu weekend nuptials. When asked about the wedding, Christina reportedly burst out laughing. “I’d never have thought that girl would have done it this way,” she said. “I know she really loves Kevin, but this is like really low rent this time.” Miss Thang went on to further trash the alleged hitcheroo, noting, “It’s surprising. The whole affair seems somewhat pathetic.” Meow Meow. thanks tina.