Xtina pays homage to the Queen of Pop.

Christina Aguilera surprised fans attending the X Tour in Monterrey, Mexico, on Tuesday (December 3), with a cover of Madonna’s “Like A Prayer.”

Xtina segued from her song, “Makes Me Wanna Pray” into the Madonna classic, and it inspired the entire audience to join in.

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This brings a little tear to my eye, which in 2019 is hard to do.

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  1. Guys, she’s screaming. In tune, but screaming. The whole time. It must be exhausting… For her and for the public. You guys really love her if you can stand a whole concert of this. I like her as a woman and an artist but I always play her with low volume and only when I’m feeling in need of an energy boost….. Damn…

  2. Why was the crowd silent during the segue? Was it a crowd full of Gen Z stans who have no clue what she was singing? I would’ve been snapped and be like YASSSS BITCHHHH WOOOORKKKK and snapping my fingers if I was there.

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