Here’s How Many Millions Christina Aguilera’s Liberation Tour Grossed

December 25, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Christina Aguilera’s Liberation tour gross figures are in.

10 years passed since Xtina embarked on a tour, but the Fighter put on a brave face as she stepped back into the spotlight, and proved she’s still got what it takes to put on a show. 

According to newly posted figures, Christina’s 21-date North American Liberation Tour raked in $8.4 million with a total of 73,973 people attending.

Very respectable and  a promising sign that Legend X could extend the tour to other parts of North America or take it internationally.

It’s worth mentioning 12 of those shows were sold out. Her stint in Denver for whatever reason underperformed in comparison (4,069 attended out of a capacity of 9,500, but let’s focus on the positives shall we?). 

Christina is headlining New Year’s Rockin Eve. There are rumors she’ll announce a world tour at that appearance.

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What are we to take away from this? Christina’s presence in pop music was sorely missed, but more importantly… she proved there are songs to be sung and money to be made on tour.

At the very least if CA decides not to extend the Liberation Tour, expect another one in the next year or two anyway. The pop star has stated on multiple occasions she wants to put out a new album, and soon. Her words (in capital letters) were exactly: “I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE ANOTHER 6 YEARS TO RECORD.”

We’re holding her to it! See you back on the road mama.

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