Christina Aguilera Isn’t Getting MTV’s Vanguard Award At The VMAs (Sigh) But Missy Elliott Is (Yay)

July 18, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Or is she?


MTV will honor Missy Elliott at the VMAs this year with the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.



I feel very conflicted. This is Xtina’s year; I had my had heart set on her receiving this! However…  I can’t hate on Missy getting it instead. She’s had some of the most incredible songs/videos that I still get my life to.


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The most recent recipients include Britney Spears (2011), Justin Timberlake (2013), Beyonce (2014), Kanye West (2015), Rihanna (2016) and Pink (2017).

Justice for Xtina, but stoked for Missy!


UPDATE: Well, this is awkward. Missy says she is NOT getting the Vanguard Award. Perhaps there’s just a big, HUGE miscommunication?





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