Or is she?


MTV will honor Missy Elliott at the VMAs this year with the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.


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I feel very conflicted. This is Xtina’s year; I had my had heart set on her receiving this! However…  I can’t hate on Missy getting it instead. She’s had some of the most incredible songs/videos that I still get my life to.


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The most recent recipients include Britney Spears (2011), Justin Timberlake (2013), Beyonce (2014), Kanye West (2015), Rihanna (2016) and Pink (2017).

Justice for Xtina, but stoked for Missy!


UPDATE: Well, this is awkward. Missy says she is NOT getting the Vanguard Award. Perhaps there’s just a big, HUGE miscommunication?




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