What you doin, sis.

What you doin, sis.

It appears Christina Aguilera is doing everything she can to avoid releasing her eighth studio album. The pop star is currently filming scenes for a new sci-fi romance feature film project titled Zoe, and now it’s come to light she’ll voice a character named Akiko Glitter for an upcoming movie about emojis appropriately titled Emoji Movie. The concern goes without saying.

Here’s a quote she gave to Us Weekly about it. “I love Akiko Glitter because she’s just free and alive,” Aguilera says. “She lives the way I would love to express myself all the time. She’s got this fun color hair, lives in this world that seems alive and fun to express yourself. You just get to move and have fun and just listen to music all the time, which is fun for everyone. What’s not to love?”

She adds: “When I was first asked to be part of The Emoji Movie, I was very intrigued as I am pretty obsessed with emojis. I use them all the time. It’s everything to me in life to express myself. You don’t need words at all, just need emojis.”

Well, there you have it. Christina is contributing to a movie about emojis because she loves them, and you will deal. ??????

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