Xtina readies her next viral video.

Christina Aguilera Impersonates Britney, Gaga, Miley In Hilarious Sketch

Christina Aguilera impersonates Britney, Miley, Cher, Sia, Shakira and Lady Gaga in this brilliant comedy sketch to promote The Voice.

It appears Xtina got a much needed confidence boost about her impersonation skills after famously singing as Britney Spears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago. Today, she randomly released a two-minute video of her spot-on charades of our generation’s biggest female pop stars. We’re not sure if all the ladies she’s impersonating will love it, but they can’t deny it’s amusing and downright entertaining.

There’s so much to say, but we’ll let Aguilera do the talking, erm, impersonating:

Which was your favorite?