Christina Aguilera recorded “Change” before the tragedy in Orlando, but the meaning behind it has always remained the same: love.


Christina Aguilera recorded “Change” before the tragedy in Orlando, but the theme behind it has always remained the same: love.

Last week, Aguilera premiered a song titled “Change” that she originally recorded for her upcoming studio album, but in light of recent events felt compelled to master and share it early. She co-wrote it with Flo Reutter and singer/songwriter Who is Fancy, and they’re commenting further on it.

“These lyrics speak to the victims and also so many that came before them—the trailblazers throughout time that stood up to adversity to stand for what was right,” Aguilera says in the annotations on the song’s Genius page.

She adds: “With every tragedy and every event that sets us back, people can become jaded, but it also creates action and it also allows us to look to the future and move forward in love and in hope and that’s the main message of this song.”

Who Is Fancy (Jake Hagood) says inspiration to write the song struck when a series of riots in St. Louis began after a police officer shot and killed 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey. He says:

“I was just having a lot of conversation about race and minorities and how something needed to be done. It just felt like so much injustice. At that time, the bill allowing gay marriage had also not passed. So the song was just a reflection on what was needed by so many—change.”

He added: “There is not a better song to dedicate to the victims of Orlando – point blank it was a hate crime. 49 people lost their lives due to hate. Change is what we should all be calling for. These lyrics came straight from the thought that someone can be treated differently because of their race, sexual orientation or where they are from. That is such a crazy thought. We are all so different but also so much alike. I think if we were all able to realize that everyone is human, we’re all searching and that not one person is any better than the other, than what this song ‘Change’ is calling for could come to fruition.”

Proceeds from the sale of “Change” will benefit the National Compassion Fund.

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