Her “Uptown Funk” is coming.

Christina Aguilera’s “Uptown Funk” is coming.

I’ve been giving Christina a really hard time about releasing her forthcoming new album. Rather, not releasing her forthcoming new album. Seriously sis where is it? But there’s some really great news to share: she’s teaming up with producer Mark Ronson!

Ronson shared a photo of her next to rapper/songwriter Anderson .Paak in what appears to be a studio setting (.Paak is holding what looks like a lyrics sheet). There’s also a video of them together from the same night.

Ronson and Christina previously worked together on Back To Basics. He produced “Slow Down Baby” and “Without You,” and co-wrote “Welcome” and “Hurt.”

For obvious reasons this is extremely exciting; Ronson is responsible for some of the biggest hits of the last five years, but she needs to get a move on it, or I fear she’ll release a legitimately good album that’ll fall on deaf ears – an issue that has plagued too many pop stars this year.

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