Christina Aguilera was about to give bar-goers an impromptu surprise performance just cause, and she was denied.

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Fire this man immediately.

During a Liberation Tour stop in New Orleans, LA, this week, Xtina and her dancers dropped by a small bar to let loose. While there, X felt inspired to jam with the live band.

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In fan-filmed footage posted to the Internet of the mishap, X politely asked if she could sing a song with them. It appears the man in charge didn’t recognize the pop icon and turned her away.

Christina handled it with grace (if I were Xtina I’d most likely have pulled the DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?????!!!1 card, but fortunately for all of us I am indeed not Xtina). Instead, she put the guy on blast at her Liberation concert the following day.

“I go to this bar and there’s like this live band playing, and I was just like… with a couple of my dancers,” Aguilera tells the crowd.

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“After a minute I was like, ‘let me get up on stage and jam with this guy and maybe I’ll sing a song or whatever – it’ll be fun…’ and he would NOT give me the mic.”

She added: “he was a little older… he was not feeling it… he was not going to give up his mic. So [being here] is very nice, I was just like… I’ll save it for tomorrow.”

Watch the moment unfold below:

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