Christina Aguilera Crafting Songs With Pharrell Williams

Christina Aguilera wants to make her fans happy.

Xtina’s currently recording caviar ratchet music for her next studio album, and revealed she enlisting the help of hit-maker Pharrell.

Pharrell’s hanging up his hat for a pair of assless chaps and working with Christina on her new record. The “Elastic Love” singer tells Extra she and her The Voice co-star connected.

“During my pregnancy, I had a meeting with him and just connected on where I want to take the next album, and we started talking music, and he has one song in particular that I love.”

This time around, her music’s getting the Britney Jean personal treatment.

“It’s genuine and it’s heartfelt and I’m very excited to pour my heart out into this record fully, I’ve been gathering and writing and coming up with these amazing ideas for different parts of how I was feeling the past year, so I’m really excited to vocalize all of it and make it all come together.”

No word when the ballad chanteuse’s new music drops, but we imagine it’s sooner than later! Perhaps she’ll sneak in a surprise song at her NBA All-Star game performance?

Unless she’s too busy bullying Mickey Mouse, that is.

New Xtina! Yay or yay?