From the “Finding Neverland: The Album” soundtrack.

Christina Aguilera Covers "Anywhere But Here" Ballad

Christina Aguilera‘s new Finding Neverland song “Anywhere But Here” is a stunning and whimsical ballad.

All we’ve heard about Aguilera’s upcoming album is it’s caviar ratchet, and while that does excite us, it gave little insight into how she will sound on the inevitable slower inclusions. Her cover of Gary Barlow and Elliot Kennedy’s original comes from the star-studded “Finding Neverland: The Album” (other contributions include Ellie Goulding’s “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground,” Nick Jonas’ “Believe,” and Jennifer Lopez & Trey Songz’s “What You Mean to Me”), and gives us hope a “Beautiful” Part II can and will be done. It’s reminiscent of something her “Stripped” era, organic vocals behind a simple piano tune and her iconic bellowing.

Xtina might be known more for her role as a judge on The Voice these days, but gorgeous songs like “Anywhere But Here” might set that straight. Listen below:

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