Christina Aguilera Believes The Bionic Era Was Sabotaged

Christina Aguilera believes blogger Perez Hilton is partly to blame for the Bionic era going down in flames.

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First thing’s first: when Xtina famously said many years ago that the Bionic album “was ahead of its time” and “the older the record gets the more people will come to appreciate it,” she did not tell a lie.

Unfortunately, the record was deemed a flop by the general public (usually wrong), but according to Xtina, Perez’s influence at the time played a big role in that.

She told Andy Cohen that Perez “did a number on it” and “really came after it.” “There was a little sabotaging going on.”

Andy asserts that Perez pitted Xtina against Lady Gaga (back then, Little Monsters were convinced Christina’s Bionic look and sound was copying Gaga), and that didn’t end well for Legend X. Listen to their convo below:


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Following this interview, Perez spoke up.

He recorded a video apologizing for his behavior way back when, but then used the opportunity to spill some scalding, unconfirmed tea about Gaga. Like, it begins as an apology but transforms into something else entirely so I’m not sure what to make of it.

Honestly, I just needed an excuse in 2018 to write a story about Bionic and Gaga in the same post. I think pop music right now is getting slept on like Bionic was, but I have a sneaking suspicion 2019 is going to be another 1999.

Give Legend X some coins:

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