Christina Aguilera says getting a new piercing is euphoric.

Christina Aguilera says getting a new piercing is euphoric.

We love a holy queen.



Anything Xtina says or does right now will only leave fans asking WHERE IS THE ALBUM?! It’s an understandable concern, but if you’ve been following the pop star’s recent steps, you’ll know it’s a maddening, winding road into the unknown that’s not worth journeying. Personally, I’ve let go of any expectations. Christina is participating in Carpool Karaoke? Cool. Her album is described as mostly pop with some R&B. Cool. A flaw-free photoshoot in Paper magazine? Double cool.

Not everyone is utilizing this coping mechanism. Xtina hopped on Instagram to share photos from her recent ear-piercing session. It also included a diagram featured in an old Rolling Stone issue that pointed to her XXXtina piercings (two of which they wouldn’t reveal where and that’s always low-key haunted me). A majority of her Fighters were less than thrilled. A quick scroll through the comments and you’ll find dozens of comments demanding the new tunes. I mean, fair. There’s only so many times Legend X can promise big things are coming and not follow through. Pierce our hearts, Christina!



Forgot how much I love getting pierced….so euphoric for me…wonder what else I should get done again ?? ?✨

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