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On June 13, 2011, Britney Spears released the little inappropriate pop bop, “I Wanna Go,” the third official single off Femme Fatale (it’s the only album from Miss Brit to produce three top ten singles). To pay our respects to this deliciously delectable gem, we’re revisiting BreatheHeavy’s Twitter Q&A with the video’s director, Chris Marrs Piliero (known as @marrsattacks) posted in October of that same year. Where has the time gone?!

The music video is one of Brit’s best (fight me). In it, she takes ahold of her own narrative by firing shots at the media & paparazzi while showing off her comedic acting chops. It’s a massive pop song, but in the video Brit channels rock & roll.

For the Q&A, BreatheHeavy had fans Tweet in questions to ask Mr. Piliero. To be frank, this post didn’t age well… (our Twitter account @breatheheavycom has since been suspended cause haters gon hate), but that’s what makes it extremely precious.

Piliero explains how he started working with Britney, stanned “Inside Out” & “Cinderella, and weighed in on whether he thought Britney was overprotected. Keep in mind these are his thoughts in 2011. Enjoy this throwback!

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If you could shoot a music video for the 5th Femme Fatale single, what song would it be?
ummmm… let’s see here… I think Drop Dead Beautiful would be a rad track to follow up Criminal…

Inside Out is a really good song, too. I really like that song but I think DDB would be more solid to follow up to Criminal

How did you score working with Britney in the first place?
Brit hit me up when it came time to do I Wanna Go. She saw Ke$ha’s Blow video and dug it and asked me to submit an idea

Describe your definition of a “Britard”
ha… a “Britard” huh? haven’t heard that one yet… hmmm… that’s a good question cuz a “stan” is a ******** fan right? so if a “stan” is a ******** fan what’s a “Britard” exactly? one that takes their “stan”ness to a ridiculously dumb level?

Any funny moments on set working with @britneyspears?
there’s not a whole lot of time for goofing off on set cuz we’re cramming in a bunch of stuff in 2 days, but obviously the milk scene in IWG was really funny to film… and any time Brit has to give attitude for her role is funny cuz she’s naturally such a sweet reserved girl so it’s good times making her say **** you or having her threaten the store clerk, etc

Do you think some of Britney is, like how she sang about it 10 years ago, “Overprotected?”
all I can say is what I know and observed and that is that she makes her own decisions when it comes to the vids we’ve made and everyone involved in her team of peeps are some of the coolest people I’ve ever worked with… from management to assistants to even her security team… all a really cool bunch of people that are super easy to work w/

If you could re-film any of Britney’s previous music videos, which would it be?
I wouldn’t want to refilm any of her music videos cuz that sounds like a crappy thing to say… but i will say that one of my favorites has always been Toxic… really liked her facial expressions in that vid… and that’s a great song… a song that never had a video that I thought was super catchy was Cinderella… she shoulda made a video for that song woulda been rad to make a ****** up version of a Cinderella story for that song…

You are going to have a lot of Britney fans loving what you just said about Cinderella
ha… well if you’re gonna be a “Britard” ya might as well be proud of it… ha… well it’s a really catchy song…

Have you seen the Femme Fatale Tour?
yup… I saw the FF Tour when it came through LA… I got up on stage and danced like an idiot during IWG… you could maybe say that I danced like a “Britard” on stage… ha… there was an onset photographer snapping pics, but I actually have yet to see any of them… thanks for reminding me

How many Britney songs is in your itunes?
I have all of her albums in my iTunes… I don’t listen to every song… but they’re all there… definitely want to continue working with Brit… nothing is set though…

Congrats on just passing 3000 followers just now!
ah nice… right on… high five to all 3000ish of ya…

From @runawaynoel what was your previous conceptions of Britney before you started working with her. Have they changed?
I’d say if any previous conceptions have changed it’s because I dig her even more now… she’s really easy to work with. we had great chemistry on set and I really respect and dig the fact that she indulged in my desire to make her Badassney. I always really liked Piece Of Me… damn good song…

From @martinthelamest I want to be a film director like you 🙂 what would you advice me?
advice to be a director… hmmm… do it because you love it, not for the pay check… cuz at the end of the day, that’s what matters most… especially when you start off, you’re gonna be struggling. so be wise with your money so that you’re NOT taking jobs just to pay bills… take jobs because you’re stoked on what you’re gonna be creating… so at the end of the day you’re proud of what you’re doing and can confidently spread it out there and get noticed…

Last question – you down to direct an “Inside Out” music video Yes/Yes?
Inside Out is a great song… I’d totally be down…

Thanks a million for the opportunity to interview an amazing talent like yourself. You’re awesome and inspiring to me. Thanks again.
no worries… glad I could do it… hope my answers were alright… have a rad day/weekend… peace outtt

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