Seriously this is my worst nightmare. OK, well my second worst – seeing Adnan back in the picture will always be #1. Chris Brown said in a recent interview with Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired late last week, that he wrote tracks for Britney’s upcoming album “Circus.”

“Well, actually I’m in the studio right now – trying to write a couple records for her – got a couple options / ideas that I’m going for. We’re actually fortunate enough to be on the same label, so we get a chance to throw each other ideas and have fun. Brown continues to say he’s working with Danja and Bryan Kennedy on the Circus tracks. “I’m just really trying to get the writing down, the lyrics and stuff.”

Brown spoke to The Associated Press last month confirming the same news that he was writing tracks for Britney, saying “I actually wrote a couple songs for her now. We’re on the same label, so all the executives heard the records and they love the records, so hopefully she’ll cut it,” he said. “But if she doesn’t, oh well, we’ll go back in the studio and still do some more records for her.”

DUDE, the album’s been finalized already; your *** didn’t make the cut. Basically what he’s saying is he made a few tracks for Britney, and the HBIC shot him down. Zip to 3:13 in the video to watch Chris blab about Britney. OH actually just watch the first few seconds too – I think if he tried that anywhere else he’d be shot. Click to stream:

PS – we need Brit on this show…

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