File this under the Never Going To Happen category.

File this under the Never Going To Happen category.

Chris Brown has said some really delusional s–t over the years, but this this might take the cake cake cake cake.

The singer, who recently released an evolving 57-track mixtape, randomly decided to share one of his scatterbrain ideas he had.

Brown is proposing a joint tour with Rihanna, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, and if they decide to do it without him he wants 10% of the tour sales just for thinking of it first.

It’s worth mentioning all three of them have had some of the world’s best-selling tours on their own, so it would literally make no sense for them to team up together. Why am I even thinking this through?

I picture Chris playing Madden NFL when suddenly his imagination reminded him how irrelevant he’s become, and it coped with that crushing blow by painting a world where he could ever tour with artists of this magnitude.

But you know if this ever actually happened I’d be first in line to buy tickets.

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