Chris Brown Premieres ‘Paradise’ + Offends Everyone

March 31, 2016 By Jessica

Singer releases clip of new video; puts Kehlani on blast at the worst possible time.


Never one for respecting others, Chris Brown unleashes cruel tweets towards R&B singer who attempted suicide.

But hey, he’s got a new single coming out so we’ll probably forget about this in a week!

If you hadn’t heard, rising star Kehlani – who features on Zayn Malik’s debut album – was recently targeted by internet trolls who claimed she cheated on her boyfriend. A day later, the singer posted a photo from hospital, explaining to fans on Instagram that she had tried to take her own life as a result of the online bullying.

Even though no one asked, the delightful Chris Brown decided his opinions somehow mattered and let loose with a horrific “bros before hoes” rant:


Probably as good a time as ever to remind everyone that this is the same person who choked and bit his girlfriend Rihanna when she wouldn’t drop the issue after discovering him lying about texts from another woman she found on his phone.

Regardless of whether the rumours of infidelity were true, targeted harassment of people is deplorable and Brown encourages his millions of fans to engage in this kind of behaviour when he tweets things like this. This is just the latest in a long, long list of controversial incidents Brown has embroiled himself in since 2009’s attack against Rihanna. After being involved in physical fights with Drake and Frank Ocean then being sent to jail upon being kicked out of rehab, before unexpectedly becoming a father, you’d think Brown would’ve finally taken a hint or two. Apparently not.

His new collab with Benny Benassi is officially out: