Chloe Grace Moretz Is A Britney Stan

Who knew actress Chloë Moretz was such a member of The Britney Army? Moretz, who’s starred in “Kickass” and plays Carrie in the upcoming horror film remake, Tweeted followers she’s buying “Work *****” and couldn’t wait for her GMA event.

The flawless 16-year-old is giving Selena Gomez a run for her money; she wants her entire family to dress as Britney for Halloween this year, telling MTV:

“I want my whole family—including my brothers—to be Britney Spears throughout the ages,” she said. “They’d never all do it with me, only one of my brothers would, but I would want to be ‘Oops I Did It Again’ Britney in the red jumpsuit.”

Now THAT’S kickass! You’re officially in the club.