Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) Says Lady Gaga Is Less Talented Than Him

February 28, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Donald Glover sipped the Kool-Aid in his new interview with The New Yorker.

Donald Glover sipped the Kool-Aid in his new interview with The New Yorker.

There’s no denying Glover (better known as Childish Gambino) is gifted. He’s an actor, writer, director, comedian, producer, singer, songwriter and rapper. Instead of celebrating his multitude of talents, Glover is bragging and dragging. Not cool.

There’s a lot to dissect in his chat with The New Yorker, but one talking point is his Gaga/Grammys shade. When discussing racial inequality, Glover goes in. Here’s a copy + paste excerpt:

“I went to school with white people who had less talent than me—because I’m talented as f–k—and they’re doing way better than me. I went to N.Y.U. with Lady Gaga.” The New Yorker says there was a burst of laughter and applause from the den. “Now, CBS ran Grammys ads this week, and I’m one of the hotter acts, and they had a visual of the performers on the show: Lady Gaga, Pink, and me. Only they showed some black kid from a fan video—it’s not even me. I was, like, **** this, **** them, I’m not going to do the show!” After a moment, he added, quietly, “The sad thing is I’m going to do it, because black people don’t get that chance very often.”

I imagine the audience burst into laughter at his claims that Gaga (and Pink) are less talented than him. I know I did.

Read the full interview here.

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