According to X17, an L.A. based paparazzi agency, Britney and Kevin are still fighting for custody of their two children and are still “working out” agreements to the divorce. In a selfish effort to get as much money as he can (which was his goal from the start), Kevin is refusing to sign the divorce papers. It is now rumored that Kevin is “resorting to dirty tactics in order to ‘prove’ Britney an unfit mother,” according to X17.

X17 is also reporting that Child Protective Services have visited Britney’s home in Bel Air three times within the last week to explain child safety around the pool (as I recall the stalkerazzi photographed Sean Preston by the pool at KEVIN’S house with no floaties or protective gate). Because of this madness at Britney’s home, she has resorted to staying at the Four Seasons.

Child Protective Services? Give me a break! The only reason anyone is even talking about this is because the paparazzi can’t grasp the concept of “invasion of privacy.” This is probably why Britney was reportedly upset at the Four Seasons a few nights ago. What a life…

ps – Kevin was seen at the ******* mansion on Monday night.

pss – Britney DOES have a gate around her pool:

Source: X17,

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