cheryl cole

Cheryl Cole Fernandez-Vercini is pressing ahead with the promotional campaign for latest studio album ‘Only Human’ with a video and single release for the title track.

Cheryl has enjoyed an unforeseeably successful career – enjoying five huge albums with British band ‘Girls Aloud’ and now riding high on her fifth UK number one single. Not happy with the inexplicable triumph of her latest pop project, Cheryl’s readying another single to drop next month and has unleashed a beautiful video for said track, “Only Human.”

Check it out below:

Cheryl has taken to the stars for her latest visual: “Only Human” features a decidedly more-than-human Cole and an intergalactic backdrop, making for a visually gorgeous and entirely atmospheric ode to the magic of green-screen. There are times when Cheryl’s performance can feel overthought and even cringe-worthy in its sincerity, but then again, the track itself is a little saccharine in places, as is the nature of most self-esteem balladry. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty video and blows the altogether less interesting visuals for “Crazy Stupid Love” and “I Don’t Care” out of the water.

Releasing “Only Human” as a single is a good move for Chezza being as the track is indisputably the finest moment on her latest album. Featuring a beautiful melody, quite touching lyrics and rare artistic use of vocal effects, this is pretty much a brilliant song. If we try and put the misguided acoustic version and genuinely terrible live performance out of our heads, it’s clear to see that this is Cheryl’s best pop moment yet.

Cheryl is an easy target for mockery, principally because of her extraordinary lack of talent, but she’s somewhat pop royalty back in the motherland. Scoring five solo UK number ones, a feat which no female artist but her has achieved, and sitting pretty as a judge for the most successful reality singing-contest on TV, she’s a definite player in the British recording industry. Is she likely to break out to a more global audience anytime soon? No, it feels like that moment passed somewhere around her failed stint on US X Factor and that show’s arguably untimely demise. Nonetheless, “Only Human” is definitely her strongest offering yet, so hopefully that’ll reflect in its chart success when it’s released on March 22.

Because, frankly, if the British public can make basic-***** anthem “I Don’t Care” number one and not “Only Human,” I’m emigrating.

What do you think of “Only Human?” Is it a hit or a miss for the artist formerly known as Cheryl Cole?