Cher Recorded A Magical Anthem Titled “Ooga Boo” For The ‘Home’ Animated Series

August 15, 2017 By Jordan Miller

Find your Ooga Boo.

Find your Ooga Boo.

I’m just going to be real with you. I have never seen the animated film Home nor was I aware a television spin-off named Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh for Netflix had been created, so when I saw that Cher had created a mother f–king BOP for the series I was utterly confused. Now that’m aware, I am SHOOK.

Her song is titled “Ooga Boo,” and it’s soundtracked to a trippie video where cute alien creatures are doing the absolute most. The song seems frivolous, but it has a very important message of being comfortable in your skin.

Legendary singer Cher did that. A must-watch:

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