Enjoy a deliciously infectious pop song and video.

Chelsea Dash "Massive Attack" Music Video: BreatheHeavy Premiere

The Badass Barbie Doll of pop debuted a music video for “Massive Attack.”

When Chelsea Dash was in preschool, she kicked off her illustrious career with a solid performance of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” at show & tell, shocking her classmates who wouldn’t be aware of who Madonna or what a virgin was for many years. This perfectly set up Dash’s budding music career, and today (July 21) she continues conditioning her rebel heart with a grungy visual for her song “Massive Attack.”

Tell us about “Massive Attack.”
The video for Massive Attack was shot in downtown Los Angeles in the middle of the night last summer, at the 6th street bridge. It’s a bit of a modern Bonnie & Clyde story. I won’t spoil it for you but there’s a twist at the end! I got to work with a professional male actor, my co-star/ “music video boyfriend”. I’d never done anything like that before, so it was interesting to play an actual character, rather than the video just be me performing to the camera as myself. My male costar and I, named our characters Brad & Veronica. “Massive Attack; The mis-adventures of Brad & Veronica!” or something like that.

What’s the inspiration behind the song?
I wanted to make a song that had a total badass and mysterious trip hop vibe to it but also touched on a real subject. At first listen it comes off as just a female 007/femme fatale story but when you really dive into it, it’s actually about not being afraid to go after what you want, being willing to fight for it, standing up for yourself and just never giving up no matter what the cost.

What’s the symbolism behind taking the gun at the end of the video?
Outsmarting the enemy and taking back control of the situation! I think I’ve read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” too many times.

Why are you nicknamed the Badass Barbie Doll of pop?
People have often labeled me a “Barbie Doll”, I guess being that I have long platinum blonde hair, green eyes, pink lipstick, the ***** etc, it only seemed to fitting to them! My music is pop but with a bit of an edge and a tough exterior to it. So it just morphed into people referring to me as the “bad *** barbie doll”.

What do you want people to know about you as a musician?
I think what makes me stand out, apart from my 4 octave vocal range, and actually really being able to sing, is that my lyrics are intelligent and interesting. I’m a pop musician but you’ll never hear me write a song like “ooh baby, you drive me crazy. I’m so ****. Yeah you wanna push up on me. Oooh baby ooh baby”. I pride myself on writing lyrics that are relatable but witty, and intelligent, with some depth to them. I want to show people that a young woman can be pretty, ****, and fun but also strong, no- nonsense, fearless, bad *** and most of all, intelligent and classy.

What’s your next release? / Other projects?
My next single will be out in late summer/ early fall- it’s called “Take A Picture”, followed by “Quicksand” my 3rd single. Then the 7 song Chelsea Dash EP, “Dangerous” will be released.

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