Iggy Azalea x

Check Out The Official “Pretty Girls” Single Cover

It’s getting bigah, the hype is getting bigah.


With just days to go before “Pretty Girls” drops, the official single cover has been revealed…

And it’s all kinds of fierce.

The ’80s inspired extra-terrestrial image was shared by Shazam earlier today, so it looks to be the real deal. The illustration is the latest in a long trail of clues as to the content of the music video, and Iggy’s look seems to directly reference her deleted Instagram post from the day of shooting.

The initial reaction to the image has been, um, let’s say mixed…

…But we like it! It’s fun, it’s cool, it’s different – and yes, it’s illustrated, but it seems to tie in pretty succinctly with the rumored video plot.

What do YOU think of the single cover? PS…

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