Christina made her second appearance on ‘Nashville’ last night.


Country Queen Christina Aguilera appeared on ‘Nashville’ again yesterday (April 22) to perform “Shotgun”.

Christina’s reign over on ‘Nashville’ isn’t quite finished yet. The “Candyman” diva performed again on ABC’s musical drama, this time taking “Shotgun” to the stage (you can also listen to the studio version here).

It’s all very emotional, isn’t it? As someone who has yet to watch a single episode of ‘Nashville’ (and likely never will) the hospital montage was a little lost on me, but Xtina looked cute with her black wig, so there’s that.

Aguilera is currently in the studio working on her 6th mainstream studio album and there’s no word yet whether her tenure on ‘Nashville’ will influence the sonic direction of her next record. All jokes aside, country music suits Christina’s voice well and it’d be nice to see some of this more understated vocal style on her forthcoming LP.

Thoughts, feelings?