Chart Chat: Marina Scores Her First Top 10 and Madonna Plummets Out of The Top 20

March 26, 2015 By Aaron


All whilst Kendrick Lamar sits pretty atop the Billboard 200 with ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’.

It’s a mixed week for pop music fans on the Billboard chart. Check out a breakdown of the movers and shakers (and find out just how far Madonna fell) below the jump, and see what’s happening (or rather what isn’t happening) on the Hot 100:

This week has been an exceptionally good week for Kendrick Lamar who, despite Interscope releasing his album a week early, has managed to sail to the top of the albums charts, moving somewhere in excess of 350,000 copies of his new record, ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’, a figure which, for reference, is more than three times the #2 record – the soundtrack to Season 1 of Empire.

Marina and the Diamonds also managed to score her first ever US top 10 album with her outstanding LP ‘FROOT’, which debuted at #8. Although this certainly doesn’t make ‘FROOT’ a runaway success, when you consider the lack of promotion that Marina engaged in this time around, it’s an impressive feat. Despite appearing on precisely 0 television shows until GMA yesterday and sticking to a more left-of-center campaign, Marina still managed to make enough of an impact to **** 40,000 copies of ‘FROOT’ (which we’ve handily reviewed for you.)

Undoubtedly the biggest disappointment of the week is the massive tumble Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ took, plummeting to #22 with Madge selling less than 25,000 copies of her 13th studio album. It’d seem that the only people who’ve actually invested in ‘Rebel Heart’ are Madonna’s pre-existing fans and the Material Girl has dramatically failed to get the general public on-side this era. Although ‘MDNA’ still holds the crown for the biggest sale drop between weeks 1 and 2 on the chart (359,000 to 48,000) it still out-sold ‘Rebel Heart’ twice over in its second week. A shame, especially when you consider how far superior ‘Rebel Heart’ is to its predecessor.

Over on the Hot 100 things remain stagnant. It speaks to the lack of decent singles in the past month or so that the top 7 haven’t changed from this week to last, with “Uptown Funk” claiming its 12th week at #1. In fact the highest new entry is Meghan Trainor’s almost unlistenable “Dear Future Husband” which clocks in at #47. We can live in hope that Rihanna will shake up the Hot 100 next week, but “***** Better Have My Money” is objectively terrible so it’d almost be insulting if it did ride into the top 10.

All in all, a depressing week for pop music. Comments, questions?