Check out the Motown inspired bop here.


As well as hitting #1 with Wiz Khalifa this week, Charlie Puth has dropped the lyric video and official mix of next single, “I Won’t Tell A Soul”.

YouTube sensation turned legitimate popstar Charlie Puth is clearly hoping to capitalise on the success of his collaboration with Khalifa as he unveiled new single “I Won’t Tell A Soul” earlier today.

“I Won’t Tell A Soul” is another slice of retro flavored doo-wop pop from the 23 year old, and builds well on the brand Puth is carving out for himself. Although the track is nothing revolutionary, it’s catchy and features some genuinely outstanding melodic riffs. Not to mention that Charlie has a voice so listenable that he could sing the phonebook and it’d sound beautiful.

Having said that, it’s a shame that the production sounds so vintage because there’s a sense that the song strays from being ’60s inspired to a ’60s pastiche. In actual fact if the instrumentation had stayed closer to this live rehearsal, the track may have been better able to straddle the line between retro and dated.

As of now, there’s no official release date for “I Won’t Tell A Soul” or Puth’s forthcoming debut LP but keep an eye out for Charlie Puth, he seems to be set to blow up this year.

What do you think of “I Won’t Tell A Soul”?