Charlie Puth and Kehlani duke it out on new song “Done For Me.”

Charlie Puth and Kehlani duke it out on new song “Done For Me.”

Earlier this year, Charlie announced he had to delay the release of his forthcoming album, Voice Notes, because it wasn’t up to his (probably unattainable perfect) standards. Smart move, because his latest release, “Done For Me,” featuring Kehlani, is a certified moody banger. 

You would think Charlie singing in falsetto on every release would begin to get annoying, but nope, his silky smooth sound coasts along this track’s slinky beat quite nicely. Kehlani’s contribution is equally enthralling.

On “Done For Me,” Charlie is feeling backed into a corner and coping with a deteriorating relationship. “I won’t beg for your love / Won’t say please / I won’t fall to the ground on my knees / You know I’ve given this everything.”

For Kehlani’s part, the singer bites back. “I never cheated / Deleted everyone cause they made you uncomfortable / These accusations / I can’t apologize for something that I didn’t do.”

Voice Notes drops May 11.

Listen to the new tune below:

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