Charlie Puth has been flying under the radar with “Attention,” but the track performed extremely well. It peaked at No. 5 on the Hot 100 and only just this week slips out of the Top 10 (No. 11). There’s no better time to release another insanely catch pop tune than now, so Puth has decided to unleash a second radio-friendly jam titled “How Long” off his forthcoming second studio album, Voice Notes.

On it, the singer finds himself trying to explain why he cheated on his girl. “I’ll admit, I was wrong / What else can I say, girl,” he sings over an infectious clap and soaring falsetto background vocals. “Can’t you break my head and not my heart / I was drunk, I was gone / But don’t make it right / But promise there were no feelings involved.” She’s not buying it. “She said ‘Boy, tell me honestly / Was it real or just for show?’ She said ‘Save your apologies’ / Baby, I just gotta know.”

Get ready for another Top 10 hit! Calling it now. Listen below:

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